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At Re-Solved we talk to you about your business needs, diagnose what is required, and deliver what you need, without you leaving your comfort zone.
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Technology Consulting

Project Requirements Definition and Design
Business Process Analysis and Formalization
Problem Solving
IT Process Review
Database Performance
Application design and implementation

Designed, Developed, Solved

Grants Management Systems
Case Management
Systems Integration
Business Applications, client and web based systems
Migration of legacy applications


Financial Sector

Re-Solved is made up of a team of professionals that combine a blend of business and technical acumen; our unique positioning bridges the "gap" that exists between what you need and what the developer understands.

Grant Management Systems Made Simple

You have invested significantly in your Grant Management Software System. Now the challenge is to ensure you are maximizing its potential. We can help. As the leading implementer of specialized grant configuration and deployment services we can help you get the most out of your grant management system, from registration to closure.
We are specialists

Re-Solved specializes in grant software configuration, integration and deployment. It is the only thing we do. You have purchased the building blocks of a Grant Management System. Now we can help you configure the blocks so they work the best for your organization's needs.

Seeing the bigger picture

Key to optimizing your Grant Management System is understanding it is more than a technology system. It is also a human system. We integrate your employees' workflow, including how they like to work, and what they need to be productive, into your software, ensuring total success.


Configuration: It starts with a conversation
  • • We start every project by listening. While every client requires configuration services, all are different in the way they need to collect grants, then manage and deploy them. First, we work with you to understand your needs. Then we map out and match your business processes to a configuration plan that aligns your software with your business objectives.
  • • Applying our knowledge and know-how of Grant Management software systems, we will guide you through the process to ensure you realize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of total configurability.
  • • We will create and execute a systems integration plan to ensure your software integrates with your current enterprise and/or accounting systems.

Deployment: Managing the process
  • • When it is time to deploy your system, we do not give you a crash course then leave you. Your grant process is complex with lots of moving parts. We make it simple by creating a plan that breaks your deployment into manageable pieces so you get up and running with minimal pain and effort.
  • • We will work with you to manage the change that is interwoven into the process. As you deploy, we can quickly and easily tweak, adjust and add-on to the system to ensure it works as seamlessly as intended.

Post Deployment: Long-term relationships
  • • Post implementation is critical. For three months post deployment we will work with you to ensure your staff and software are connected and integrated smoothly and efficiently. Then we support you on an on-going, as needed basis.


Increase insights and improve efficiencies.

Increase insights and improve efficiencies with faster performance to real-time data analytics and results from any data source, on any device. With Dundas BI, users have easy data discovery and powerful visualizations, dashboards and reporting all delivered by a self-service, single experience, on one flexible, open platform.
Powerful, Customizable Dashboards & Reporting

With our Smart Design Experience, easy tools and a wide range of visualization options to choose from, you can create pixel perfect, interactive dashboards and rich reports and scorecards using best practices. Deliver real-time visual access and analytics for all your data, information and results.
Find more infomration and samples at

One Flexible Platform for Seamless Data Integration

The Dundas BI platform was designed with customization and extensibility in mind, supporting many levels of customizations from simple end user configurations to CSS styling and full scripting. Full API support and extended scripting allows for unlimited extensions and modifications.


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